ThumbsUpBonus uses cookies

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file which is saved to your web browser when you visit

Cookies store small pieces of information. Cookies are not permanently saved to your browser and are removed when expired.

Does ThumbsUpBonus use Cookies

Yes. Cookies are used to monitor the sites usage which helps us improve your experience and improve the website and its offerings.

Third-party Cookies

ThumbsUpBonus use third-party cookies on the site. These cookies are set up entities not run by ThumbsUpBonus. We use Google Analytics service to understand the number of people who visit our site, which content is popular and how engaging the site. All of which is used to improve the quality of the site. No personal data is stored and data provided by Google Analytics is always anonymous – meaning we are not shown anything about the person visiting out site.

How can I delete cookies?

If you want to disable or delete cookies for information can be found here –